Moanglobal Professionals



Moanglobal Professionals is a team of seasoned and adequately trained management consultants with decades of experience in consulting, research and training. Moanglobal is fully equipped to empower individuals and organizations, develop, grow and promote businesses in both private and public sectors of the economy using advanced technological innovation based on sound and globally acceptable standards and practices. Read more >>


  Strategic Project Management (SPM)
  Career Planning and Development (CPD)
  Youth Empowerment & Success Academy
  Entrepreneurial Skills Development (ESD)
  Management Professional Examinations (MPE)
  Marketing Professional Examinations (MPE)
  Computer Professional Examinations (CPE)
  Management Solutions [MPMS]
  Business Advisory and Management [MPBAM]
  Technology and E-Business [MPTEB]
  Learning and Development [MPLD]
  Accountancy and Taxation [MPAT]
  Business Promotion and Marketing [MPBPM]
  SME Development [MPSMED]
  Research & Development [MPRD]


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