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Moanglobal Professionals (RC: 930013) is a multidisciplinary professional practice firm with international consulting experience, knowledge of diverse business processes and multi-dimensional versatility in managing complex issues of Technology, Processes and People in addition to over ten (10) decades of our consultants' cumulative experience in the provision of professional Business Advisory, Consulting, Research, Training and Technology services garnered from reputable audit and consulting firms in Nigeria and Overseas. Read more >>>

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  Certificate Programmes
  Professional Diploma Programmes
  Professional Graduate Programmes
  Approved Professional Institutes Programmes
  Professional Continuous Development Prog.
  Tertiary Institutions Preparatory Programme
  Records & Information Management Prog.
  OSHAssociation UK/NYSC Int'l Training Prog.
  NIM/NYSC Strategic Partnership Programme
  Business Advisory & Consulting
  Audit, Assurance & Risk Management
  Accountancy, Tax Planning & Payroll Admin
  Business Promotion and Marketing
  Investments, Business Development & Mgt
  Technology & E-Business
  Research, Feasibility Study & Business Plan
  Recruitment & Outsourcing
  Due Diligence Consulting
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