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Moanglobal Professionals (Moanglobal Professional Services Limited RC: 930013) was formed in 1989 as a personal business concern and grew over the years to become a limited liability company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The firm is an indigenous multidisciplinary professional practice made up of seasoned and adequately trained consultants and advisors with decades of experience in professional service delivery and management.Read more >>



  Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma
  Moanglobal Certified Computer Professional
  Strategic Project Management
  Information Management Certifications (IIM)
  Management Professional Examinations (NIM)
  Marketing Professional Examinations (NIMN)
  Computer Professional Examinations (CPN)
  Accounting Professional Examinations (ICAN)
  2014/2015 Training Calendar
  Advisory & Consulting
  Audit, Assurance & Risk Management
  Accountancy & Tax Planning
  Business Promotion and Marketing
  Investments & Project Development
  Technology & E-Business
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  Human Resource & Outsourcing
  SME Development


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